Key Phases of Metal Fabrication


Custom metal fabrication requires a lot of hard work, skill, and patience. Every piece must go through three different production phases. Rushing through any part of the project may compromise the final result. Here’s what happens during every step of the job:

1. Design

The design phase of your metal project is crucial. During this step, it’s necessary to take accurate measurements of the site and plan for a delivery route. For example, a narrow doorway may make installation difficult. Taking any obstacles into account during the design process will help prevent headaches later in the game. Detailed blueprints are critical.

2. Building

After approving the design, it’s time to start building. Heavy machines begin cutting and forming the metal into the desired shape and size, ensuring a perfect fit. It’s common to use either laser or plasma cutters to complete this task.

A welder then connects the pieces according to the design. The next step of the build phase is quality control. The piece must pass a thorough inspection before it moves on to the final stage.

3. Installation


The completed project is now ready for onsite installation. Depending on the size of the project, it may be necessary to install the metal in sections. Since metal rusts, the fabricator may add a protective finish before or after installing the final piece.

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  • Key Phases of Metal Fabrication
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