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Interested in commercial-quality metalworking products and services that put others to shame? You’ll be amazed by the quality of our machining, fabricating, pipefitting, and related tasks. We offer many options for those in need of comprehensive services. Our expertise and extensive selection of top-performing equipment result in time and money.

Precision Machine Shop

You can’t achieve the best results using substandard equipment. That’s why we have a wide selection of machinery made by the best names in the business. We have the specialty saws, presses, lathes, trucking equipment, and more to provide top quality results with every job. Where other businesses simply purchased equipment, we designed and constructed special facilities for all of our services. We approach each job the same way: we use the right tool for every job to maximize results while cutting back on the time used to achieve them. Find out more about our Precision Machine Shop now!

Metal Fabrication Shop

Whether you’re using basic blueprints or sending over enhanced CAD files, we’ll have no trouble accessing and evaluating your plans. Our team can interpret, modify, or design almost any system or component needed to keep your progress on track. We pride ourselves on being the most capable metalworkers in the business, and we use the latest metalworking methods as well as a team of highly skilled and expertly trained experts. Take a look at what we have to offer with our Metal Fabrication Shop now!


We work with a range of materials, so you always get the best supplies for the job. Carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, and aluminum are the most popular, but we’re always open to working within our customers’ specifications. Save money and wind up with the longest-lasting solutions for your budget. Find out more about all of our Materials now!

Other Metalworking Services

Metal Masters is a one-stop shop for many projects, which simplifies your efforts and helps conserve time and expense. We offer a lot of services to each of our customers, from powder coating in our custom-built facility to welding services to millwright service. Our primary role is in simplifying your project, thus allowing you to focus on profits, where your attention belongs. Tell us your plans, and we’ll do the rest. Find out more about all of our additional Metalworking Services now!

Trusted Partnerships

As part of our extended services, we help connect you with the appropriate subcontractors needed for site preparation and repair. Cement contractors, electricians, and more can be difficult to assess from a distance. Allow us to use our extensive network of trusted service professionals to help you stay on track and budget.

Contact us about all of our products and services at (800) 625-7964 today.

Metal Masters

If you're looking for high-quality work at a good rate, you've found the place. Metal Masters was always available to answer questions about the whole process and design. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for quality metalworking services.

Phil A.