4 No Brainer Benefits to Powder Coating Pipes

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Powder coating, among other metalworking services,
is an ideal solution for finishing pipes. Powder coating involves applying a dry powder to the metal surface and then heating it to adhere to the product.
After heating, the finish is both thick and hard, making it an excellent choice for outdoor, hot, humid, dirty or other extreme conditions. Let’s take
a closer look at the benefits of using powder coating:

The Finish Is Strong

Powder coating creates a finish that is more durable than a paint finish. Because the powder coating process hardens, it lasts longer than other metal
finishes and holds its color better. It is also more flexible than paint and withstands vibrations and movement better.

Less Paint Is Necessary

Because less paint is necessary for a powder coating finish, the consumer gets an economical option in metal finishing. Because of its durability, it is
also very resistant to wear, scratching and chipping, ensuring you have a good looking, protected product that lasts longer.

Powder Coating Speeds
the Finishing Process

By using a powder coating on pipes, you cut the time necessary to complete projects. You receive your metalwork faster than if you opt for a paint finish.

It is Kinder to the Environment

Powder coating is better for the environment than wet paint. Unlike paint, which comes with strict guidelines for disposal, powder coating isn’t hazardous.
Powder coating waste can go to a landfill, while paint cannot.

The benefits to powder coating pipes are really a no-brainer. When considering a finish for your metal projects, the wisest solution is almost always powder
coating. This superior finish is ideal for production and other environments.

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  • 4 No Brainer Benefits to Powder Coating Pipes
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