3 Incredible Uses for Welding


Welding comes in so many shapes and sizes, and you may not have stopped to consider how these other metalworking services can benefit your projects. Shielded metal, gas metal, flux cored, and gas tungsten
arc welding are just some of the most popular welding services. But it’s not just about the process; it’s about the application. Here are three incredible
uses for welding:

1.Welding in Aerospace

The aerospace industry uses a wide variety of metals to design and build the vehicles used to carry people around the world and beyond. Joining those metal
parts effectively and securely is the job of expert welders. The welds need to be strong enough to hold up to the force of flight and durable enough
to ensure a long and safe life for the aircraft. Those welds will hold together a variety of metals with exposure to various temperatures and environments
without weakening or failing. That’s a tall order!

2.Welding in Art

In the world of art, welding can make or break a project. Some welding work can be an integral part of the piece itself, such as in sculpture, where the
pieces and bends need precision welding to complete the work. Other welds are critical to the installation of a piece of art. This is especially true
in works of public art, where proper installation can ensure the safety of the viewers, as well as the stability and durability of the art itself.

3.Welding in Shipbuilding

Yes, welding is still an integral part of shipbuilding. It’s been a part of the process since steel shipbuilding began, but the art of welding is even
more important in today’s vessels. The high-tech nature of seagoing and the state-of-the-art requirements demanded by the industry require the best
welding techniques to ensure ships are safe, water-tight, and ready for open water.

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  • 3 Incredible Uses for Welding
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