2 Ways Ordering a Custom-Built Metal Structure Is Easier Than Ever

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Finding the right metal fabrication and precision machine shop to meet your needs for a custom-built metal structure is not always easy. After all, you may have something very specific in mind for your project,
and nothing less than the best will do. The good news is that you now have an option to get exactly what you want through Metal Masters, Inc., and
the ordering process is easier than ever. Here are two ways we make ordering your custom-built metal structure hassle-free:

#1 24-Hours a Day Service

Chances are, you are on a tight schedule and need components or your structure right away. At Metal Masters, our 24-hour service means you can have your
project completed sooner. There’s no need to wait days or weeks on parts; we’ll make sure our team produces exactly what you need immediately. We have
the materials to build your structure on site and all the specialized equipment to ensure your job is perfect the first time. You can be sure we’ll
never slow you down.

#2 We Work with All Your File Types

When you contribute your drawings for a custom-built metal structure, you don’t have time to figure out if it is in the format the machine shop needs.
Our experts know how to read your drawings—whether you work with CNC or CAD/CAM programs. You can send them in whatever file type is easiest
for you—from DXF and DWG to PDF and JPG. Just fax or mail the project drawings, and we’ll bring your drawings to life.

Ready to get started on your custom-built metal structure? Discover the benefits of working with our metal fabrication and precision machine shop at Metal Masters, Inc. Our team of experts looks forward
to working with you.

  • 2 Ways Ordering a Custom-Built Metal Structure Is Easier Than Ever
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    I was so impressed with the quality of Metal Masters' work. They designed and created exactly what my company needed for a big project we had and kept us going on schedule. They're a great help at competitive prices.

    Jack R.