2 Reasons You May Need to Modify a Generator


Why might you need to modify a generator? Discover how the right machine shop can help.

Is it time to visit the generator modification shop to get the services you need? While you may be able to perform some DIY troubleshooting yourself, there
are times when you will save time and money by just going straight to the pros for help with a generator. Here are two reasons you may need to modify
a generator and how the right shop can help.

#1: You Need More Power

Let’s face it, this is the most common reason we have customers seeking out our generator modification shop at Metal Masters, Inc. They understand that
modifying a generator is truly a specialized skill better left to the experts. At Metal Masters, we are a CAT generator modification shop, which means
we have the training and experience to get the job done right the first time. If you need more power, we will get you more power right away!

#2: You Need Customization

Need a generator to serve a specific purpose? You may discover that the right upgrades or customization can make a generator work the way you need it to
work to accomplish certain tasks. Simply come to our team and let us know what you need and what you are trying to do, and we will take it from there.
Our team members work quickly and efficiently, so you can have your generator back in action working optimally in no time.

If it’s time to modify your generator, connect with Metal Masters, Inc. online now for a quote for services. You’ll be amazed by the high quality work
and attentive customer service you will receive at our generator modification shop. Contact us online now or call 803.276.6403 to get started.

  • 2 Reasons You May Need to Modify a Generator
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