What Powder Coating Brings to the Table


Find out why powder coating is an excellent way to go when it comes to regular painting.

Metal fabrication is a huge part of what we do at Metal Masters, Inc. As the trusted local experts for metalworking services, we try to stay updated on
the latest and greatest for your metal projects. Powder coating has become extremely popular with metal services because of the benefits it holds over
traditional painting. Here’s what it can bring to the table.

Control the Process from Beginning to End

Many metal shops provide their customers with powder coatings services, but many of them also outsource this portion of the job. The problem with this
is that they don’t have control over the final product. At Metal Masters, Inc., we control the process from beginning to end, ensuring that top-notch
quality up to and including the final application.

Powder Coating Lasts s Lot Longer

One of the most important benefits of powder coating is that the finished product lasts a lot longer than treatment with traditional paint. It’s two times
the thickness of regular paint, helping protect it against the elements and any harsh environmental conditions.

Our Powder Coating Facility Ensures Top-Notch Application

When it comes to powder coating, how it’s applied is key. The last thing you want is for your finished product to end up with cracks and lines due to a
poorly applied product. That won’t happen with us. We have our own high-end, fully-equipped facility that operates like its own powder-coating company,
delivering a beautiful finish to every job we work on.

Ready to look into powder coating vs. traditional paint? Connect with our team of experts at Metal Masters, Inc., now. We will help you to get the top
quality results you deserve in your metal fabrication projects.

  • What Powder Coating Brings to the Table
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