What Kind of Metalworking Equipment Does Metal Masters Use?


Learn more about the top-of-the-line metalworking equipment the team at Metal Masters, Inc. uses to deliver such high quality results.

One of the top factors that separates the team at Metal Masters, Inc. apart from the rest is our metalworking equipment. When it comes to high quality,
cutting-edge technology, and expedited productivity, our equipment is where it’s at! Of course, we also have the expert-level technicians to work the
equipment and bring our customers’ visions to life—but none of it would be possible without our machinery and tools.

    Here are some of our favorite equipment pieces we use in our metal fabrication and machine shop:

  • Millwright Equipment: The brands and types of millwright equipment we use are at the forefront of the industry; the machines allow us to work with
    a higher number and wider variety of file types and formats so we can keep productivity and satisfaction high for our millwright services customers.
  • Powder Coating Machine: Forget the spray guns that other shops use; we have a fully-equipped facility for the sole purpose of powder coating, featuring
    an 11×22 ft. drive-in powder coating spray booth. This allows us to provide complete coverage of your items without risk of contamination. The
    11×22 ft. oven allows us to bake the coating after application for optimal results.
  • Kingsland Punch: Handling a wide range of applications, our punch machine features a full-stroke adjustment, universal die bolster, and low-power inching.
    It can punch up to 38mm.
  • Miller Welding Machine: Our customers love our Syncrowave 250 welding machine—it gets the job done right every single time.
  • Plasma Cutter: Featuring a dual-drive, husky design, and railing that is pedestal-mounted, our plasma cutter machine is designed for manufacturers’
    and fabricators’ purposes. The advanced motion control provides the option of conventional or HD plasma systems.
  • Waterjet Suprema: This is one of the most accurate waterjet cutting machines on the market. It features: 4 axis I.T.C. Intelligent Taper Control, Touch
    Probe device, Anti-Collision device, Stainless steel tank, Ball screw transmission, Automatic lubricating system. All of this means the Waterjet
    Suprema corrects for taper and can achieve ideal wall straightness and the top speeds for cutting. It’s the highest quality performance at the
    lowest cost to our customers.

Ready to take advantage of our impressive, top-of-the-line metalworking equipment? Contact our team at Metal Masters, Inc. today to schedule your appointment.

  • What Kind of Metalworking Equipment Does Metal Masters Use?
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