Ways to Prevent Post Production Adjusting with High-Quality Precision Machine Work


Why high-quality precision machine work means the results you’re looking for, on the first try.

When you hire a metalworking shop to do precision machine work, you expect high quality. The quality of machine work is evident in post-production adjusting. Do they have to go back and rework it? Do you find cuts
and measurements to be off? That shouldn’t happen if you’ve hired a quality machinist. Let’s take a look at how they work to prevent post-production

Minding the Specifications

Before metal work begins, the customer and the machinist work to create blueprints. Following them precisely ensures job completion per the client’s specifications.
Using these blueprints is critical to avoiding adjustments to completed projects. This starts with selecting the right tools and continues with accurately
calculating cut locations, setting proper feed speeds, and determining the best cut sequence.

Making Adjustments Along the Way

Experienced machinists and metal workers have an eye and ear for their work. They can identify potential issues by sound, including dull cutting tools
and excessive vibration that can impact the accuracy of the cut. When the cuts are complete, they use precise measuring tools to check for cut accuracy,
comparing it to the original blueprints. Knowing what to listen and look for can help them make adjustments that prevent issues that can lead to post-production

Math, blueprint reading, and metalworking training are all integral to being a good machinist. When you find a metalworking shop worth its salt, you’re
going to see it filled with machinists that have the experience and know-how to get your work done right, the first time. For high-quality precision machine work, without post-production adjusting, contact our expert team at Metal Masters.

  • Ways to Prevent Post Production Adjusting with High-Quality Precision Machine Work
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