Misconceptions and Benefits of Laser Cutting

Misconceptions about lasers ignore its benefits.

An important part of running a metal fabrication shop is customer education. When it comes to laser cutting, some misconceptions continue to stick around even though they’re proven false by the metal fabrication industry. We want to clear them up. Let’s take a look at two misconceptions about laser cutting that continue to exist.

You Can’t Use Lasers Cutting Machines on Large Production Orders

There was a time when the only projects that used laser cutting were low-scale production runs, but a lot has changed over the past 10-20 years. Today’s laser cutters can easily manage large-scale production runs. The two and three-axis gantry lasers can compete against other cutting methods at often a higher speed and at a lower cost than traditional metal cutting machines. The galvanometer laser cutters which uses mirrors to direct the laser beam are suitable for large-scale production runs where small cutting areas work better.

You Can Let Your Imagination Run Wild When Using a Laser Cutter

Some think there are limitations in what you can cut with a laser, but in reality, you have a considerable amount of versatility. Since no part of the laser cutting machine comes in contact with the material, we can cut from many angles and have a large amount of freedom in the design you want to create.

If you want to know more about laser cutting and what it can mean for your business, contact us at Master Metals. Our focus on customer education and quality workmanship are why we’ve been the leaders in metal fabrication since 1973.

  • Misconceptions and Benefits of Laser Cutting
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