How to Go from Design to Metal Fabrication


Improve workflow for metal fabrication to cut costs and improve the quality of your final product.

Metal fabrication begins, like many manufacturing products: with an
idea. It might be born from inspiration or necessity, but somehow, you need to turn that idea into a working plan. We’ll show you how to create better
products through efficient product planning.

Hiring the Right Person for Product Design

Depending on your project, you might need the help of a designer to turn your big idea into reality. Most professionals use CAD/CAM software to create
precise 3D drawings of what you want to manufacture. If you don’t have a qualified person on staff for design, most fab shops have one available. After
solidifying your design, send the renderings to a metalworker who has the right equipment for the job.

Taking Your Vision from Dream to Reality

There are two main types of equipment in a metalworking facility. The first includes the manual machines workers use by hand to cut, fold, melt, stamp,
weld, and otherwise manipulate metal into the shapes desired. Then, there are machines controlled by computers. Specialists program these to create
products guided by the specifications of your CAD/CAM drawings.

It’s just as common to find manual equipment in shops today as it is to see computer-driven CDM machinery. Sometimes, a project takes a human touch to
get it just right.

Adding a Finishing Touch

After a metalworker creates your components, you might want to add a finishing touch. While these don’t change the shape or function of the product, these
final steps can make them more attractive or easy to use. At Metal Masters, Inc., we offer top-quality powder coating in an array of colors. We also
have secondary services like packaging and delivery.

Talk to our staff today about starting the metal fabrication process. We handle
jobs of all kinds, so you end up with just the right components.

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