Generator Modifications You Didn’t Know You Needed


Generator modification shops are not exactly a common type of business, so when you find one you can know
you are dealing with a very specialized service. Customers seeking generator modifications typically have one thing on the mind: more power! At Metal
Masters, Inc., we are proud to be a CAT generator modification shop that delivers modifications and customizations to meet our customers’ specific

What Is Generator Modification?

While CAT generators are powerful and versatile, there are times when you need more customization or an upgrade to make them work for you to meet your
objectives. At Metal Masters, our Generator Modification Shop technicians will find out exactly what you need from your generator, and then get to
work to tweak and modify until the design fits your purposes.

What Generator Modifications Are Available?

Here are some of the generator modifications we offer at Metal Masters, including two you might not realize you need:

  • Voltage changes or Breakers
  • Louvers testing, fuel systems, platforms
  • Load bank and DPF
  • Trailers with fuel tanks

We like to help our customers think outside of the box, which is why we provide customization services so your generator can do things you didn’t even
realize it could do. What would you like to get out of your generator? Once you have an answer, get in touch with our expert team to find out if we
can bring your vision to life.

Let Our Generator Modification Shop Upgrade Your Generator

There’s no reason to settle for a generator that doesn’t do exactly what you need it to do. You’ll be amazed to see our long list of generator modification
options available. We can even provide services for LC “Lean,” gas generators, or generators that have been manufactured somewhere other than the Newberry
CAT Plant. Our shop technicians take pride in helping you to develop a generator that meets your needs; we will go above and beyond not only to provide
the upgrades but also to ensure your generator runs as optimally as possible following the modifications. Contact us today to learn more about our generator modification shop services.

  • Generator Modifications You Didn’t Know You Needed
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