Drawings and Prototypes to Product: Process of a Custom Metal Project

Custom Metal Project

What is the process that goes into a custom metal project? Here’s what you can expect.

From the drawings and prototypes to the finished product, there’s a complex process involved in the development of a custom metal project.
When hiring the right metalworking team for the job, it’s important to know their process to ensure what they do is correct and will provide the results
you are seeking.

Let’s break down the three different product phases you can expect from the pros at Metal Masters, Inc.

#1: Design Phase

A crucial phase of your project, the design development will involve creating the drawings and prototypes. During this process, the techs must take accurate
measurements of the location where the finished product will reside, as well as come up with a delivery plan. Often, the machines and projects are
large and require expertise in moving and off-site and on-site installation. The techs will troubleshoot any potential design or delivery issues during
this phase to ensure smooth, efficient delivery and installation.

#2: Building Phase

Once the client approves the design and any blueprints, the building phase can begin. The right metalworking team will have all of the tools and expertise
necessary to build exactly to your specifications. There should be no room for error. They may use heavy machines to begin cutting and shaping the
metal into the desired form. Or they may use plasma cutters and laser. At Metal Masters, our highly-skilled millwrights are also master welders, so
you can trust you are receiving expert building services and complete quality control.

#3: Installation

Once the project build is complete and has passed inspections, it is now ready for delivery and installation. Installers at Metal Masters will come up
with the most cost-effective and time-efficient strategies to install your project.

Don’t settle for less than professional services for your custom metal project. Turn to the team at Metal Masters, Inc. to get
every step of the process completed with excellence. Connect with us online now to get started or for a free estimate.

  • Drawings and Prototypes to Product: Process of a Custom Metal Project
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