9 Questions You Should Ask Before Your Next Construction Project

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Before your next construction project begins, there are a variety of questions you should ask to ensure things are on the right path. When you ask such
questions, you will have much more realistic expectations regarding your project. These important questions can also help you avoid unnecessary and
frustrating delays:

  • What is the expected completion date? Is the schedule realistic?
  • Are any parts of the project subcontracted out? Has the contractor used them before?
  • Is there a contract in place that is mutually beneficial? What contingencies are there?
  • Are all necessary permits in place? If not, when will this be complete?
  • Has someone placed the order for specialized supplies? Is there a schedule to place those orders to ensure they will arrive on time?
  • Are the designs final? If not, when will they be ready?
  • Is all needed equipment secured, including safety equipment? Is someone assigned to take care of this?
  • Will the work disrupt your business or neighbors in the area? Have you provided the proper notifications concerning this?
  • Is the site ready for work to start? If not, where does that stand?

Contact the Metal Masters team to learn more about what to ask before your next construction project or to get more valuable customer education tools to enhance your business. We’re more than happy to serve you in any
way we can.

  • 9 Questions You Should Ask Before Your Next Construction Project
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