4 Key First Steps to Selecting the Right Metal for Your Job

Selecting Metal

Looking for some metalworking customer education? You’ve come to the right place! As you plan your next custom metalworking
project, make sure you know how to choose the right metal for your job. Different metals work best on various projects, so understanding those differences
help you select the right one. Here are four steps to choosing the proper metal for your next job:

1.Choosing the Right Metals Means Looking at Price

The first consideration for many projects is the price. The cost of raw material is always essential, but when you are planning a metalworking project,
the price is not your only aim. There are other factors to look at before making a final decision.

2.Choosing the Right Metals Includes the Strength of the Steel

Look at the scope of your project. How big is it? How much weight will the metal bear? What is the purpose of the project? All these things are important
considerations. Do you need a metal used only in the foundation of the project? Or will the metal be visible when the project is complete? Is a shiny
surface necessary or will a flattering yet more industrial look be better for your project?

3.Aesthetics Are Important when Choosing the Right Metals

Are you creating a space or a piece? Do you want to evoke a particular feeling? The metal you work with will provide different aesthetics. For instance,
stainless and chrome are bright, energetic, trendy metals to use in lively workspaces, home entertaining and more.

4.Choosing the Right Metals Because Acoustics Matter

Acoustics are crucial in almost every space. When you create a space where people congregate, you need to think about the sound level. Metal of any type
doesn’t absorb sound; it magnifies it. The perfect way to tone things down is in your selection of wall and floor coverings, furniture and accessories.
Soft fabrics absorb sound and are an ideal acoustic and aesthetic complement to steel and aluminum.

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  • 4 Key First Steps to Selecting the Right Metal for Your Job
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