3 Tips for Selecting the Proper Powder Coating for Your Application


Need tips for selecting the right powder coating for your metal project? Get the pro advice you need on this and other metalworking services.

When you are looking for advice on the proper powder coating to choose for your metal projects, it makes sense to turn to the pros. But finding professionals
who specialize in this and other metalworking services is
no easy feat. While there are plenty of people who have expertise in metalworking, understanding the ins and outs of powder coating requires some specialized
knowledge and experience.

If it’s powder coating expertise you are seeking, you are at the right place. Here are three tips for selecting the proper coating for your application
straight from the pros at Metal Masters, Inc:

#1: Consider the item you are powder coating.

Powder coating won’t stick to just any surface. Typically, it will adhere to a metal item with no problems, but if the metal item has any other non-metal
components you will need to determine if the powder will cover and remain on the surface. It can be frustrating if you have the plan to powder coat and
then realize most of the powder is falling to the ground because it cannot adhere to the material.

#2: Know if you want a smooth or textured coating or one with a glossy sheen.

Envisioning what you want for the powder coating result will help you to know which type of coating to choose. The style of the metal project can vary
greatly depending on the coating type you select. It may help to see samples of each type of coating before you make your decision.

#3: Get a professional opinion.

If you really want to make sure you get the proper powder coating for your application, it always pays to go with the pros. Turn to a dependable metalworking
team you can count on to guide you in the selection process. They will have the experience to know what type is best for your unique project. Connect with our friendly crew at Metal Masters, Inc., today to get the answers
to your questions about powder coating and other metalworking services.

  • 3 Tips for Selecting the Proper Powder Coating for Your Application
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