3 Reasons to Choose Metal Masters for Your Commercial Metalworking Needs


Do you want metal fabrication with long-lasting results? Save time and money by working with a professional.

Metal fabrication allows you to create just the right part for your needs, but it can be a big waste of money if you hire the wrong business for the work,
which is where customer education comes in. At Metal Masters, Inc., we’ve been in
business for nearly 50 years because we take care of our customers. We have an intimate knowledge of what metals work for which type of projects and
which metals don’t. More than that, we have a dedicated staff with the skills and tools to produce professional results for your needs.

On the fence about hiring Metal Masters for your commercial metalworking needs? Here’s what we want our customers to know about why we’re the best choice
for the work you need:

1. We Solve Your Problems Fast

It’s less expensive for a metal shop to carry a limited supply of materials on-site. It lowers overhead and protects profits, but it doesn’t always provide
customers with the speed they need to get their businesses back up and running fast. At Metal Masters, we stock up on quality materials so we can complete
your jobs quickly.

We carry 22-gauge ¼-inch plate metal in:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Galvanized steel
  • Carbon steel

Rolled metal in:

  • Stainless steel
  • Cold Roll steel
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • UHMW polyethylene

And a variety of other materials including:

  • Square tubing
  • Aluminum angle
  • Channel/carbon steel angle
  • Stainless steel angle
  • Aluminum pipe
  • Stainless steel pipe
  • Carbon steel pipe

We have the supplies on-hand to solve all your component problems fast.

2. We Have the Equipment You Need for Top-Quality Service

If you’re looking to create very specific components, look into our CNC machinery which supports CAD/CAM design specifications. Have a job that requires
a human touch? We have manual equipment to meet those needs too.

3. We Deliver!

Metal Masters, Inc., prides itself on offering a full range of metalworking services from design and manufacturing to finishing and delivery. Why hire
four or five businesses to handle one job? We’ve been in business long enough to know our customers’ needs and to have the systems in place to provide
quick, high-quality service.

Get in touch with Metal Masters before your next metal fabrication project. We have the skills,
experience, and equipment needed to give you the results you expect.

  • 3 Reasons to Choose Metal Masters for Your Commercial Metalworking Needs
  • Metal Masters

    I was so impressed with the quality of Metal Masters' work. They designed and created exactly what my company needed for a big project we had and kept us going on schedule. They're a great help at competitive prices.

    Jack R.