3 Plastic Fabrication Tips from the Pros


Tips that can help you avoid plastic fabrication mistakes. You may be surprised you can get the information you need from your friends at the metal fabrication
and precision machine shop!

Can you really turn to the friendly pros at your local metal fabrication and precision machine shop for information about plastic fabrication? Yes, you can! Here’s the scoop.

Plastic fabrication seems simple enough, but there are complexities to the process that, if you don’t know what to look for, it will derail your project.
Before letting these unforeseen challenges push you past your deadline and over budget, take a look at these three plastic fabrication tips from our
pros at Metal Masters, Inc.:

Tip #1: Know What Frictional Heat Will Do to Plastic

Unlike metal, which remains stable during machining, plastic will melt, chip, and expand. What causes this? Frictional heat is the primary contributor
to plastic problems during fabrication. Choosing the right type of plastic with high heat tolerance is key to preventing issues during machining.

Tip #2: Invest in Quality Tools

Quality tools are vital to any type of fabrication, including plastics. This is true of saw blades, drills and drill bits, spraying equipment, and cleaning
equipment. When you invest in quality tools, your costs will go down in the long run because your product will be higher quality, with fewer errors
and project redos.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Fabricators are Experts

Experienced plastic fabrication technicians are a big piece of the puzzle when it comes to successful plastic fabrication. The experience and knowledge
to utilize the tools properly, understand the behavior of plastic products during the fabrication process, and produce a superior final product don’t
come with a rookie machinist. To get the best, hire the best.

Creating quality results is the name of the game. When you need the right tools and the right experience for plastic fabrication, contact the metal fabrication and precision machine shop at Metal Masters, Inc.

  • 3 Plastic Fabrication Tips from the Pros
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