3 Foolproof Tips for Commercial Equipment Relocation


Tips that will save you a lot of headaches when you’re moving commercial equipment.

It’s time for some customer education tips about customer equipment relocation. The truth is, moving a home can be stressful, and moving an office is a big undertaking, but commercial equipment
relocation is a whole different ballgame. When you’re moving large equipment, it takes an entirely different level of preparation and planning to make
sure it gets done right, without damage to the equipment or the people moving it.

Before you go anywhere, take a look at these three foolproof tips for commercial equipment relocation:

Tip #1: Make a Plan, and Get it in Writing

Moving heavy equipment requires multiple steps, which is why a written proposal or plan is a necessity. Name every player, note the tasks they are responsible
for, and put everything in a timetable. This is the best way to prevent delays, avoid wasting time, and keep costs down.

Tip #2: Inventory Your Equipment

Before anyone comes in to relocate your machinery, take stock of what you have and what condition it’s in. Have an engineer do a comprehensive evaluation
of all the equipment so you know what everything looks like before the move, and so you can plan for any special requirements you might need during
the relocation.

Tip #3: Hire Professionals

If there is any time you are going to pay experts to do a job, this is it. General commercial movers are not equipped to handle machinery moves, especially
if it’s large equipment. Heavy machinery movers will have the trucks, tools, and equipment necessary to get your inventory moved. They will also be
able to help you if you need to submit any equipment transporting permits before the relocation.

Don’t let your relocation be a fly-by-night operation. Take stock, make a plan, and hire the pros to handle the heavy work. The team at Metal Masters is
on hand to answer any commercial equipment relocation questions you might have. Get the customer education you need to make the best decisions for your business.

  • 3 Foolproof Tips for Commercial Equipment Relocation
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