3 Differences Between Powder Coating and Painting Metal

painted-metal Why is powder coating the
preferred method for so many industries?

Are you trying to decide if you should powder coat or paint your metal items? It’s a big decision with pros
and cons on both sides. If you’re not familiar with these processes, this decision can be confusing. Sometimes you just need some expert advice that
will make the choice easier. We’ve got you covered! Here are the three biggest differences between powder coating and painting metal:

1.Because of the processing requirements, powder coating leaves a thicker finish than paint. Achieving a thin coat with powder coating is hard to do. So,
if you desire a thin coating, paint is probably the way to go.

2.Powder coating happens in one thick coat, making the process faster than painting. Once we layer the powder onto the surface, we bake it at 400 degrees
for about 10 minutes. After the item cools, the process is complete. It goes much faster than spraying and drying several layers of paint.

3.Because powder coating is thick and baked on, it provides a more durable finish than paint. Powder coating requires less maintenance and can take a better
beating than paint. If you choose to paint your metal items, plan to repaint it or at least touch it up in the future.

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  • 3 Differences Between Powder Coating and Painting Metal
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