3 Signs Rolled Metals Are Perfect for Your Next Project


Have you been dying to work with rolled metal and need a little Metal Masters’ customer education? While that might be an overstatement, it could be you just aren't familiar with the benefits. If your next project includes metal, take a look at how rolled steel could fit into your vision, and three signs it's the perfect material choice:

Sign #1: You Rely on the Consistency of Rolled Metal

Rolling steel creates a smooth surface and uniform thickness that makes projects look great. Not only that, but in projects where consistent size and shape is essential for precision, rolled metal is the best choice.

Sign #2: Your Project Will Be Visible

If you're installing metal beams hidden within the structure of a building or other project, any steel is fine. But if you're using metal that will be visible, you need cold rolled steel. The surface is smooth, so it looks good and you can use it in areas where it won't catch on clothes or people.

Sign #3: You’re Going to Paint It

Industrial design allows for the use of rolled steel as is, but there are a lot of uses where it gets painted anyway, and it's perfect for that. Exhaust pipes, lockers, metal furniture, filing cabinets: all these are examples of rolled metal painted and used in everyday settings.

If your project requires metal, take a look at what type of steel would work best for your project. To find out more about how rolled metals are perfect for your next piece, contact our experts at Metal Masters for a complete customer education and all of the metal fabrication services you need.

  • 3 Signs Rolled Metals Are Perfect for Your Next Project

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