Common Questions to Ask Your Fabrication Partner

Finding the right fabrication partner means getting to know them before you commit.

Trust and confidence are essential when choosing a metal fabrication partner to help bring your vision to life. To get a good feel for the abilities of a metal fabrication company, you need to ask the right questions. Before you consider building a relationship with a company, it’s important to understand the services they perform and their level of expertise. Here are three questions you should ask your potential fabrication partner.

1: What type of Projects Have They Worked On?

You not only want to know about the projects, but you should also see in person the end results. It’s a good idea to get at least one contact you can call as a reference. Always make sure you check references and/or online reviews.

2: What Type of Equipment Do They Use?

You want a metal fabrication shop that utilizes the latest state of the art equipment to make your products. You should also be able to see the machinery upon request. At Master metals, we have the latest CNC and CAD/CAM computers and equipment to expertly complete your project.

3: Is Everyone on The Staff Properly Trained?

You want to make sure everyone who will be working the machines to build your project has the experience and know-how to do it right the first time. Metal Masters has been in business since 1973. We are a well-trusted metal fabrication shop in the Newberry, South Carolina area. If you need a dependable metal fabrication partner to get your project done right, contact us today at Master Metal and let us help make your project a reality.

  • Common Questions to Ask Your Fabrication Partner

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    I was so impressed with the quality of Metal Masters' work. They designed and created exactly what my company needed for a big project we had and kept us going on schedule. They're a great help at competitive prices.

    Jack R.