3 Modern Rules for Fabricating

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Choosing a metal fabrication and precision machine shop that understands the modern rules of fabricating ensures your projects feature the utmost in quality and attention to detail. As with many trades, rules and techniques are constantly evolving to minimize defects and increase the quality of production. Here are the modern rules for fabricating you need to know:

Certifications Are a Must

To perform welding work, a welder must earn certification through the American Welding Society (AWS). Each welder receives coding specific to certain welding tasks and becomes certified only to do those types of jobs. There is also a regular requirement for renewal coding.

Welding Inspections Are Standard

A welding inspection of all welds is necessary. A Quality Inspector will evaluate the welding method used, the number of passes, size of the weld, and filler rod material used to ensure it meets the welding specification set by the engineer in charge. In addition to a visual inspection, radiographic or ultrasound inspection is an option.

Welders Must Use Modern Welding Techniques

Submerged arc welding (SAW) is the new standard to maintain a clean weld area and minimize defects. This is superior to shielded metal arc welding which necessitates a highly skilled welder to produce a weld with minimal defects. Hand-fed or automatically-fed filler wire is standard. Improved welding is also possible through pulsed current for better control of heat input.

Contact our team at Metal Masters now for the best metal fabrication and precision machine shop in your area – one that follows the modern rules for fabricating. Let us help you to get started with your next project.

  • 3 Modern Rules for Fabricating

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